Becky - 10 Jul 2017
I have found so much comfort from having my cards read.
This is the second reading I have had off louise, the first was by phone this one was by FaceTime, I prefer the FaceTime one as you can see the cards coming out. 
For my first reading Louise knew so much, and told me what I should be doing, that deep down I knew I should have been doing. Yesterday was my second one, and I have been stronger than I thought I could be and started to put things in place, and the cards showed that I was on the right path. This has all given me so much comfort, and peace and also my mam coming through giving me more strength to keep on going along this new path.  
If you're thinking of having a reading, please do it, and I thought the FaceTime might be a bit awkward, but it was so much the opposite, watching Louise at work, and seeing the gorgeous cards, is something else. I found louise through Yell, and contacted her from reading people's comments, I hope that if you're reading this you contact her too, you honestly won't regret it. 
ScarlettH -18 May 2017
Tarot reading
Hi had a Skype reading and it was amazing some of the things she said where correct. Would recommend. She is lovely and kind.
Michelle - 18 Apr 2017
Amazing...would highly recommend Louise!
I had the most amazing reading yesterday via phone from Louise. Everything she said was spot on. She is so lovely and I felt as ease straight away, it was like speaking to a good friend. I can't wait to have another reading in the near future.
I came of the phone feeling so positive and energised.
Thank you Louise for putting things into perspective and giving the confirmation I needed. Michelle xx
Lola - 16 Jan 2017
The best
This lady is amazing, she got my situation to a T and have me some much needed closure and guidance! Very caring and compassionate aswell! Would highly recommend her, there was a group of us and I was last and still she gave an amazing read!
Lindsey - 16 Jan 2017
A group of us had Louise round for individual reads and all 7 of us were very impressed she is one of the best I've been to and such a lovely lady I highly recommend her thank you for an amazing night x
Jacqueline - 06 Dec 2016
Fantastic guidance
My recent tarot reading with Louise was brilliant. Every card was related to what I am going through, right from the two key cards that flew out of the pack! I needed guidance and reassurance and that is exactly what I got, with a lot of care and understanding. Louise's interpretation of each card was as if she knew exactly what was going on for me. A very intuitive & empathetic lady & the only tarot reader that I will be visiting from now on.
Sarah - 18 Nov 2016
Calm, Confident and Caring - Wonderful and Real
I arrived a little nervous and sceptical, but the warm mystical atmosphere that Louise has created enveloped me.
When the first card flew out of the pack of it's own accord, I knew this to be real. The pathways and messages were all apt and made perfect sense.
When I left, Louise gave me crystal window hanging charm that I will treasure as a memento of this wonderful experience.
I now feel confident and content in my future, and am certain that my husband, whom I lost last year, is still with me.
Thankyou so much.
Alix - 11 Nov 2016
Had a brilliant reading with Louise. I had a phone reading, and was just as good as one to one. By the end of the reading I already felt like I had a little closure on the hard times I have been having.
For me, I feel Louise generally loves what she does and genuinely cares about her clients that come to her for advice and guidance.
There is definitely a personal touch with these readings and the service I received
Jan - 17 Oct 2016
An Angel!! X
Louise has such a caring nature and is very gifted. I have been to see her in person for a reading and had a telephone reading. I don't know how she does it but she knows exactly what's going. It's amazing what she does and she is clearly very passionate about her tarot and has helped me so much through this difficult time. I will always be grateful to her. Thank you Louise xx
Kirstie - 13 Sep 2016
Amazing & gifted lady
I was in a very bad place when I decided to call Louise, she was totally amazing & made me feel calm. I was hoping for a message from my brother who I lost only 12 weeks ago (suddenly) and I wasn't coping atall. not only did I get the message but alot more to help me accept & to guide me to move on in the future knowing he was ok. I hadnt told Louise anything about my loss & the hurt & depression I was suffering & she was so accurate. Louise has gave me advice how to get support after my reading to help me cope better.Louise emailed me the meanings of my cards as I found comfort looking at them.Very gifted lady & definitely not about making money as sceptics would think, louise has been a great help to me.Much Love & Thank you x
Denise - 25 Aug 2016
Louise reading
Very helpful . Lovely woman . Will highly recommend her to anyone who wishes a reading . Very accurate . An will be contacting louise again in future
Niki - 18 Aug 2016
Absolutely brilliant and I feel so much calmer lovely person that just uplifts you would highly recommend.
Gaynor - 10 Aug 2016
highly recommend
Louise is an excellent tarot reader and is a very good psychic, Do not miss the opportunity to have a reading, You wont be dissappointed, Louise is positive, very warm and kind person, Thank you Louise, You really did guide me xx
Shenice - 01 Aug 2016
just had a telephone reading by louise, can honestly say after it I felt really positive and she was absolutely fantastic with her skills, will be definitely recommending people to her what a wonderful talented woman.
Lewis - 28 Jul 2016
Great guidance
Louise is certainly a gifted individual who is determined on helping people. I highly recommend her services.
Helen - 27 Jul 2016
Crystal Haven 5????
Louise has a warning and gentle nature and her passion for Tarrot shows. I have had multiple readings and have used them to guide me on my path the past few months for direction. The Tarrot readings provided have given me an inner strength and determination to keep focused during a very dark, negative and stressful time in my life. Louise is very positive and very intuitive I would highly recommend Louise to anyone considering having a tarot reading ????

LindsayM  -  23 May 2016

Lovely experience! A*
Myself and a friend of mine recently saw this lady. What a lovely experience! I would recommend her to anyone who is into this kind of thing. I found her advice to be sound and positive and I do feel so much better. Thanks for your time and patience with us :) we will both be back. X
AshaK  -  28 Apr 2016
Shes such a angel what a women
Just had my first reading with louise! She was soooo caring and sweet i cant explain , you don't get many people who do this for a business and care so much and really help u get on the right track! Really recommend thankyou again louise i hope to speak to u again xx
MarieD  -  11 Apr 2016
Helped a lot :)
Just had a telephone reading and was so surprised at how much Louise actually knew about my situation. I feel so much better with the advice and guidance this reading offered and love the fact I can just pick up the phone to her. I will be back and will certainly be recommending her to others.
SamW  -  17 Mar 2016
Thank you so much
Very pleasant lady who was so understanding and very accurate with what is going on in my life. Gave me some very practical advice and was very honest. I felt really comfortable and she encouraged me to keep on going and gave me choices that would make me happiest. Thank you so much for that x
Bran  -  15 Mar 2016
I had a telephone reading with Louise a few weeks ago - I was sceptic at first as it was the first time I have done anything like this. Louise was really easy to talk to & the reading was amazing! will definitely recommend to any friends or family.